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OWL drive-in
O. Winston Link's 'Drive-In'

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M.C. Escher's 'Bond of Union' (tinted)


Well I start off just about every day with two cups!

seems it's back to html ONLY again 4 me
halliwell66 on August 17th, 2014 10:48 pm (local)
You can still copy from ff, they just made it harder to do so.
Start from the last line & highlight up as normal, the blue highlight doesn't come up anymore, but it will copy, all you need to do hover until you reach the the story's title, or if its a chapter hover on the settings A- A+ A.
That is when you'll see the blue and be able to click copy.

chase37 on August 18th, 2014 10:20 am (local)
Great Tip!
Thanks for this tip! I've just been trying it...and it works!!! I'm finding that even if I start highlighting (tho not showing in blue) in the 1st paragraph of the fic, up thru the A+ A- line (the only part, along with chapter selection, that shows blue highlighting), the whole chapter (thru the last word) will still paste in.
This is great. Thank you so much for sharing this.
With further experimentation I'm finding that in highlighting, while scrolling up, the 1st thing that shows up in blue is enough for it to work. For me, in a multi chapter fic, it's the 'Next' button (to the right of the chapter selection box). This way, the whole list of chapters (& the A+, A-, etc) doesn't get copied & pasted in.

halliwell66 on August 20th, 2014 11:00 pm (local)
Re: Great Tip!
The paragraph thing works that will save me a bit of time, thanks.


Well, apparently I should have taken advantage of the 'visual editor' during my only window of opportunity so far which was May thru July!! This (the above 3 comments) is how it appears now with no html instruction. All style & links are lost. This was pasted in here exactly as I did the previous (July 30th) entry & style-wise (font, background color, links, etc.) should look the same.

Now I just discovered that I can no longer edit a post. I tried yesterday & today to edit in that last line ("This was pasted...") to this post which was originally made yesterday. Oh I could edit it in just fine, but the 'SAVE ENTRY' box is light pale blue & does nothing when clicked on. Seems ONLY the 'DELETE ENTRY' box, in red, works for me in edit mode. So it seems it's gotta be c+p all of it, delete & paste in a new journal entry?!

still testing

chase37 on February 28th, 2014 10:17 pm (UTC)
can't c+p??

Seems to be back up for me also -- this is off topic but... Can anyone tell me why u can't c+p? I can highlight anything & everything on the page, including the summary & info (words, chapters, date published etc.) but not any of the actual text itself??

kliqzangel on February 28th, 2014 10:40 pm (UTC)

Re: can't c+p??

I noticed that a few weeks back. It's very irritating.

court1429 on March 6th, 2014 05:52 am (UTC)          

Re: can't c+p??

They also did away with the "view story" option. Seems like other archives are adding features like e-reader download formats and pdfs, but this site is dialing back any options to save a fic. I wrote to their help desk, but never got a response.

If you're using Firefox, click View > Page Style > No Page Style. It turns all the header stuff to plain text, but once you get down to the fic, you will be able to copy and paste. I don't know what the equivalent would be in IE or Safari or Chrome, though.

chase37 on March 10th, 2014 07:03 pm (UTC)          

Re: can't c+p??

I'm on an older mac laptop w/ older version of Safari & can't figure out how to do that. I can however click View > View Source & c+p any or all of it from there but it will contain all of the html instructions which i still need to find a way to convert (I'm a total novice at this stuff). I can paste the html in as a journal entry here (starting after the 'nocopy' html instruction b4 the text) where, after posting, it will come out looking just like the original page (style-wise) but now c+p able. Then delete that journal entry afterwards. Not very practicable...but it does work!

just tryin' stuff

just trying stuff - I wasn't able to do this on LJ before now!?

But in the South, Waffle House, the 1,600-store chain, is more than a late-night pit stop. In the event of a natural disaster, FEMA developed the Waffle House Index to gauge the long term effect of the destruction. According to their website, “if a Waffle House store is open and offering a full menu, the index is green. If it is open but serving from a limited menu, it’s yellow. When the location has been forced to close, the index is red.” If Waffle House can’t open its doors during a disaster, local communities will likely require a longer clean-up.

& another random ¶

In 1968 another transit bureaucracy was formed - the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). It was formed to: take power away from Robert Moses (now dead);  build 21 new subway lines (also dead);  fill out papers for grants from Washington (also dead);  take money from motorists and give to subway riders (mission accomplished); and coordinate regional transit (???).  It didn't even replace the Transit Authority.  The bottom line is we are not sure what it does.  The MTA started with no office space and no employees.  By 1970 it had 83 employees and went to 295 by 1982.  Now it has 465 people who fill a 20-story building and overflow to another building purchased in 1990.  I wonder if we would miss it if it was wiped out?


this () is just a couple of days after a change in the look of the profile & PM inbox pages - must also be some other changes ??

--this is the 1st post (along w/an edit to yesterdays) that I've been able to use the 'visual editor' - I've only had access to the html version before. Clicking on the 'visual editor' did absolutely nothing for the last year. I believe the reason is that I'm on an older laptop w/an older browser that 'doesn't support' - but now apparently does??

I'll have to experiment anew with this...

...still, just got nothing highlighting the last sentence & clicking on A 'change color' ??  or also 'insert link' ?? -- so far, i guess, as w/yesterdays...it has to be c+p'd in already all done & I guess 'auto-formatting' takes care of the rest?? Oh Well, like I said... lots of experimenting to do - the I in the box actually did those italics & also align left, right or center seem to work 4 me...but not much else :(

just testing
Maybe 1 of these days I'll figure out how to actually use this!?

ETA: I've had a couple of requests for the PDF (& sent it) & just FYI, this is NOT a major character death fic tho it does show a minor character death warning.[do NOT click this SPOILER if u r gonna read the fic]This minor character dies the same way in cannon...just under different circumstances at a different location. U r NOT gonna be upset about this death!
testing 4 a comment post. Doesn't seem to work here??

since that doesn't work... trying the same as an lj-cut:
ETA: I've had a couple of requests for the PDF (& sent it) & just FYI, this is NOT a major character death fic tho it does show a minor character death warning.Read more...Collapse )
worked once, re-edited, then didn't ??

Well... clicking on the spoiler just adds a # sign after .com/ in the url bar but nothing else happens. in the lj-cut try... it retains the 'read more...' even tho i entered the same title="do NOT click..." text after the lj-cut... but otherwise it does work (tho takes u 2 another page to do it).

also 'Preview Entry' is light gray for me here & does nothing. My options are 'Save Entry' in blue or 'Delete Entry' in red

I'm on an old mac laptop with an old Safari browser which is probably most of the problem. It says 'Visual editor' in light blue to the left of 'HTML' at the top of this which I think would be the way to switch to Rich Text Editor posting but clicking on it does absolutely nothing??

In the end... I just won't put in in at all!
let me try this chase37


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